sustainability on Earth

We face a global climate crisis and a widespread housing crisis. Residential buildings account for 20% of carbon emissions and, according to the World Green Building Council, 100% of homes must be built net zero energy by 2030 to prevent irreversible warming. Today, we are on track for less than 1%.

How do we combat the climate crisis while addressing the housing shortage?
At Astreia, we bet the answer is logistics.

Global shipping

Complete homes are difficult to transport and, therefore, cannot be manufactured like the automotive industry. But home components can be, as well as easily shipped.

By focusing on optimizing the housing supply chain, we take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing production, while dramatically increasing our geographic reach and ability to scale.

The faster we can ship and assemble renewable energy communities across Earth, the faster we bring homes to the many who need them and help ensure a sustainable future for Earth.