Become a resident of the first sustainable development in South Texas.
Move in early 2023.

Habitat Zero is a community of 125 homes designed to support the rapidly growing aerospace hub and the nearby SpaceX Starbase.

As a resident of Habitat Zero, you contribute to building our future on both Earth and Mars.

Location: 7364 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville TX
6 mins to airport | 15 mins to downtown | 21 mins to SpaceX Starbase


Habitat Zero is powered by renewable energy for sustainability and disaster resilience. Construction with Astreia panelized homes ensures minimal pollution and disturbance to the wildlife during development. The community is also built with green features to conserve water and protect the natural environment.

Solar energy

+ Net Zero community grid
+ Solar panels on all homes
+ Tesla Powerwall battery storage
+ 30 curbside EV chargers

efficient homes

+ High performance integrated design
+ Off-site fabrication that minimizes site disturbance and waste
+ Real-time energy and water monitoring

Green habitat

+ Community resaca waterfront
+ Detention pond for natural drainage
+ Water-conserving landscaping
+ Backyards connected by parks and trails

Our homes

Our homes are fabricated in a facility nearby using our own proprietary system, and engineered complete with structural, mechanical, and home control systems for high performance. Modern aesthetics with sci-fi inspired finishes paint a picture of the future to come.


Steel structure and exterior finish

High performance R30-40 insulation

Impact resistant windows

Patio with backyard

Full roof solar panels

Tesla Powerwall battery

Attached carport optional


Open plan living area

Light-optimizing windows

White and dark wood interior finishes

Floor to ceiling pocket doors

Walk-in closets

Granite countertops

Sci-fi LED strip lighting


Oven and electric cooktop




Garbage disposal

Tankless water heater

High-efficiency washer and dryer

control system

High-efficiency climate control

Centrally-controlled lighting

Indoor environmental monitors

Real-time water flow meters

Real-time energy meters

Security system

Astreia home control system and app

1 bedroom living area

2 bedroom living area

3 bedroom living area




Choose your home

Our community includes a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes that will be available from the start of 2023.

Reserve your home to purchase or lease today.