Autonomous home

Operating System

Astreia homes are installed with a proprietary software system and full suite of sensors to help maintain a healthy, safe, and efficient home. Sensor data is sent to a local hub that provides real-time monitoring and control of the home through a dashboard and personal app. This includes indoor conditions, current energy and water usage, and on/off control for primary devices.

Our homes are also constantly learning and updating with the aid of machine learning. We use algorithms to help predict home resource demands and to accurately identify any unusual signals that could indicate something wrong.

Sensor Suite

Just like how your vehicle uses hundreds of sensors to keep operations smooth and indicate when the engine needs to be checked, sensors throughout Astreia homes provide deep insight into the state of the home at all times. Our environmental monitoring units and utility sensors provide real-time reporting on a full range of conditions.


Temperature and humidity are critical for comfort and health. Sensors throughout the home are used to maintain the indoor environment, as well as to identify changes that could indicate an onset of mold or air leakage through the structure.

Air quality

Air quality in the standard home is 2-5x worse than the outdoors, but not in Astreia homes. Volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and PM2.5 are all monitored, which combined with our air filtering system, ensures a constant supply of fresh air.


Our non-invasive motion sensing system creates an intuitive home and improves energy efficiency, enabling lighting and devices to be turned on only when a room is occupied. When nobody is expected at home, motion detection sends alerts for security.


Unexpected noise is the simplest warning sign of unwelcome guests. Tuned acoustic sensors are used to detect sounds that signal an intrusion or unexpected indoor noise when away from home, sending an alert for security.


Saving energy is easy, with sensors throughout the circuits and outlets in the home reporting energy usage and notifying of energy saving actions. Anomalous changes in electrical signals also trigger an electrical fault warning to protect from fires and harm.


Water leaks can be devastating. Astreia guards against this with sensors that monitor water flow on each plumbing line, rapidly detecting any leaks or taps that are left on and saving your home from flood, as well as the environment.


Our homes optimize conditions for wellbeing and performance. From personalized climate to circadian lighting, our habitats are engineered with the human at center.

Safe and Secure

Our home operating system is programmed with security built in at every level and verified by cybersecurity experts. Rest safe knowing all home data is protected and no anomalous events will go undetected.