settlements on Mars

To establish a human presence on Mars, we will need habitation capable of sustaining energy, water, and living requirements for at least two years. In other words - extremely sustainable homes. In the long-term, in-situ construction will become possible but, initially, all materials for the settlement will need to be transported from Earth.

At Astreia, our goal is to build the first habitats on Mars, so the question is:
How do we ship homes to Mars?

Shipping to Mars

SpaceX Starship will be used for transportation to Mars. With current dimensions, each Starship can carry 100 metric tons of cargo in a volume of 1,100 m³ (38,800 ft³), or about 14 shipping containers.

Today, it would take 2 entire Starships to ship a typical US house to Mars. Therefore, our goal is to massively reduce home weight and volume.

To achieve this, we are developing a proprietary structural system that can be packed and sent, complete with "life support systems". We advance towards this goal by iterating and continuously improving on our Earth developments.