Your Astreia Home


Unlike traditional homes that treat the structure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems all separately, Astreia integrates them all into one efficient machine. Think of it as a home complete with its own 'life support system'. All components are preconfigured and installed as one assembly on site that is easily accessible for monitoring and maintenance.


We use the most advanced systems and products available for whole home energy, water, and ventilation. Our structure and heating and cooling systems are further engineered to a level of efficiency that is Zero Energy capable, meaning that the home can use only as much energy as it renewably generates.


Astreia homes offer a complete renewable energy system with a Tesla solar roof and Powerwall batteries. Depending on individual needs and location, this can cover daily energy and backup storage or meet a fully off-grid solution. Our energy sensors will help monitor and reduce usage to make sure shortages never occur.


Supreme water conservation is achieved with individual control of plumbing lines, water-saving faucets, and an integrated filtration and greywater reuse system. On-site water storage provides a backup supply or can be scaled to meet whole house needs, or combined with a water management system for a complete off-grid solution.


Indoor air quality is more important than ever, as we both spend more time at home and face increasingly frequent severe weather events. Our homes continuously circulate air through a HEPA filter, adjusting the flow based on air quality sensors to ensure fresh air. In a storm, the vents will automatically seal to keep you safe.


Energy and water conserving systems combined with sustainable building materials result in homes that help combat climate change, simply by living in them.

Disaster Readiness

One third of US homes are now at high risk for natural disasters. When the grid goes down or central water systems fail, Astreia homes will keep occupants safe with running water and electricity.