ship and build

Our homes are designed and fabricated as a complete set of components that assemble like lego.

All components are prepared off-site in controlled facilities to ensure the highest quality build. Once we begin development, the components are packed and shipped to site for expert assembly by our Astreia team.

The average home takes seven months to construct.
At Astreia, assembly of our homes takes one week.  

Why panelized?

Off-site fabrication has been used in manufacturing for decades, with well-established methods to produce high quality, complex machinery like automotive vehicles. Astreia brings these same advantages to the building industry to provide homes that are better for people, better for the environment, and capable of creating sustainable homes at scale.


The use of computer-generated designs, precise machines, and routine production all serve to dramatically enhance the quality and reliability of build. Every step of the process is also recorded and analyzed for quality control.


Vertical integration of the building process streamlines production. Work continues in all weather conditions in off-site facilities, materials arrive without risk of site delays, and on-site assembly is systematic and rapid.


Panelized building produces 76% less waste than traditional construction, while minimizing environmental disturbance and site pollution. Combined with our use of sustainable materials, this achieves a low carbon footprint home.

Home as a machine

Unlike traditional houses that treats the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems separately, Astreia integrates all systems into the structure as one efficient machine.

Our homes are also installed with a proprietary software system and suite of sensors to provide deep insight into the state of the home at all times. This helps maintain a healthy, safe, and efficient home, no matter the planet.


Astreia homes offer a complete renewable energy system with a Tesla solar roof and Powerwall batteries. Our energy sensors will help monitor and reduce usage to make sure shortages never occur.


Water conservation is achieved with individual control of plumbing lines, water-saving faucets, and an integrated filtration and greywater reuse system. Water sensors help detect and prevent leaks.


Indoor air quality is more important than ever, as we spend more time at home. Our homes continuously filter air, with constant monitoring with air quality sensors to ensure fresh air.

operating System

Astreia homes are installed with a proprietary software system and full suite of sensors to provide deep insight into the state of the home at all times. This helps maintain a healthy, safe, and efficient home.

A personal app gives residents access to real-time monitoring and control of their home. This includes insight into indoor conditions, current energy and water usage, and basic device controls.


Temperature and humidity are critical for comfort and health. Sensors throughout the home are used to maintain the indoor environment, as well as to identify changes that could indicate an onset of mold or air leakage through the structure.


Water leaks can be devastating. Astreia guards against this with sensors that monitor water flow on each plumbing line, rapidly detecting any leaks or taps that are left on and saving your home from flood, as well as the environment.


Saving energy is easy, with sensors throughout the circuits and outlets in the home reporting energy usage and notifying of energy saving actions. Anomalous changes in electrical signals also trigger an electrical fault warning to protect from fires and harm.

Air quality

Air quality in the standard home is 2-5x worse than the outdoors, but not in Astreia homes. Volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and PM2.5 are all monitored, which combined with our air filtering system, ensures a constant supply of fresh air.